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thankfulness for the work of our hands

The past couple of days have been busy, trying to finish up some school work before a holiday weekend and preparing for today’s feast. But it doesn’t mean I haven’t been thankful! In fact, I have had much time to contemplate some of the areas of my life that bring me a deep sense of gratefulness and I am overwhelmed. Today I am thankful for the work of my hands and for the changing seasons the Lord has graciously given to me.

On my dining room walls I have a collection of Pilgrim pictures, my favorite one being The Landing of the Pilgrims. The colors are dark and intense and they help tell the story of the rugged crossing, the storms at sea, the fortitude of the passengers. At the center of the picture is a woman being helped to shore, her face full of hope and determination. She leaves the ship, fulfilling her purpose, knowing why she was called to this place at this time in history. She is one of my role models.

During those days when everyone was still at home and we had toddlers and babies who didn’t sleep at night and teenagers who wanted to chat into the wee hours of the morning, I was sometimes overwhelmed with all that there was to do. The laundry was never under control. Ever. There were always meals to plan, shop for, and prepare, not to mention the clean-up. There were lessons to teach, books to read to pre-schoolers, and babies who seemed to nurse all day long. But, as tired as I was much of the time, it was a good tired, the sort of tired where you really have a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, I typically have a few times when I long for those days, work and all. I wish everyone could be around the dinner table each night. I wish I still had diapers to fold and Leggos to pick up. I long for the noise and the banter and the pace of life. That was the work of my hands that the Lord gave me during the season of intense teaching and training of children. But now the Lord has given me different work to do and I am also grateful for that, too, for the changing of the seasons, the time to enjoy, with thanksgiving, all the gifts God has lavished on me.

Today I am cooking a smaller turkey, making less stuffing and baking fewer pies, but, with a thankful heart, am blessed that the Lord still calls me as His own. As the older children have grown and established their own homes, the Lord has inspired me to do new things for His glory, has shown me a different calling, has handed me new roles to play, but has kept me in His service, fulfilling the one true purpose for which He made me, to glorify Him. And for that I am thankful.

Here are a couple clips I think you will enjoy. It sounds like it could have been written by a homeschooling mom but the author is Charles Schultz, who was a Christian. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


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