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december 12 podcast

This week’s podcast features Corrie Marnett in part 6 of the series from the Treasures of a Mother’s Heart Day of Encouragement for Homeschooling Moms retreat that was held in Peoria on November 8, 2008. This week, Corrie is discussing the reasons why it is so important for homeschooling moms to continually be in the Word of God.



  Cindy K wrote @

Corrie’s presentation is so good, and it’s just as good the second time around.

The quality of this outdoes most of the Sunday sermons I’ve heard in several years, and I am just button-busting proud to have been there. And I’m apparently still pickled tink because my cheeks are sore from smiling as I listen to this again.

  Kathleen wrote @

I’m so encouraged to hear Corrie’s enthusiasm to study God’s Word. I also love, love the Gospel of John. It was instrumental in my understanding of getting to know Jesus so much more closely.

I laughed out loud with her introduction. 🙂 I’ve had days similar to her “laundry room” days, too.

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