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great thought #47

“There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child.  There are seven million.” ~  Walt Streightiff

It seems like the homes in our neighborhood have more beautiful light displays than I can remember in years past and I find myself saving errands for running after dark just so I can enjoy the twinkle and sparkle of every block.  Down the street in a church parking lot sits a bigger-than-life stable with a Holy Family, colorful and cozy under the glow of lights, undaunted by sleet, snow, and below zero windchill.  This is my 56th Christmas and I wonder how many decorated trees I have seen in my life, how many Nativity scenes I have pondered.

Dear Lord, help me to come to your manger with awe, childlike and full of wonder, contemplating the frailty of a new born baby but never forgetting the power of the cross.


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  Talia wrote @

what a wonderful quote… I just love your “great thoughts” posts.

I too crave the ability to be childlike in awe and wonder. It is something I love seeing in my children, and I hope they can always maintain that.

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