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the mom song

It has been a crazy last three weeks with all 22 of us here and enjoying our time together.  I will have some great pictures to post in a day or two and lots of fun things to talk about.  It has been fun to reflect on years of homeschooling and to enjoy watching our children parent, up close and personal.

I also have an awesome new blog and website format coming, thanks to my wonderful husband and wonderful son-in-law, so my podcast archives can all be accessed from the blog.  Clay and I have been having so much fun with the grandchildren that we haven’t even had a chance to edit and upload 4 already-recorded podcasts and I am really excited about some new series coming in February on the subject of the history of the modern homeschooling movement.  2009 is certain to be a terrific year!

Here is something just too good not to share…we are still laughing.


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  Anne2 wrote @

My sil sent me this a few weeks ago. It had us on the floor in hysterics.

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