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Every once in a while I like to listen to past podcasts where I have interviewed guests and I started today by listening to the series of four where I interviewed Corrie Marnett. We discussed just about everything possible that two homeschooling moms could talk about….raising children, the importance of being in the Word, living with difficult toddlers, the changing seasons of life….you name it. If you haven’t yet listened to this series or if you did and need a good dose of encouragement this bleak, cold month, I would recommend checking it out. It occurred to me as I listened that between us we have been homeschooling for 4 decades, have 16 living children and 10 waiting for us in heaven. Corrie hasn’t even gotten started on the grandma thing yet so we will have to come back and record again in another 5 years or so!

And thanks, Corrie, for sharing your life with us. You continue to bless me every day.




  RichardD wrote @

Corrie is an inspiration. I’m not a homeschooler – or a mom – and these podcasts were a tremendous blessing to me as well. Thanks, Karen and Corrie.

Oh – and this is a great picture of you two. It’s crying out for a caption.

  thatmom wrote @

All captions welcome so Richard take it away. This could be fun!

  RichardD wrote @

As a photographer, I imagine that I’m taking this picture and you’re about to clobber me. I envision Corrie whispering, “Karen – please get rid of the papparazzi.”

Perhaps the caption is:

Last known picture by Photographer Richard Gelina taken just prior to his untimely death from massive head injuries.

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