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I learned about a couple great resources this week and wanted to share them.

The first is the upcoming Midwest Homeschooling Convention that will be held in Cincinnati April 18-20. It looks like a terrific line-up of speakers, including our own Spunky Homeschool Mom, Karen Braun. And as if the conference isn’t great enough, you can also enter a contest to win a trip to the convention along with some spending money to use in the vendor hall! Be sure to register today for the chance to win this great prize.

I also came across a blog that is a wonderful testimony of God’s grace in the life of one godly homeschooling family as they have examined the claims of patriocentricity and have found it wanting. Taunya is starting a series entitled The Marketing of the Titus 2 Woman and has parts one and two now online. I love how she is sharing straight from her heart as though we are sitting right on her front porch and she is one anothering us. I know she will bless you and certainly will give you some things to think about as homeschooling moms, especially in light of this Sonlight/CHEC discussion.



  TaunyaH wrote @


Thank you for the kind compliments! I just find that I can no longer keep silent about this issue. I believe it is time for all homeschoolers to unite and not allow homeschooling to be hijacked by a group of men seeking financial gain and power.

  Spunky wrote @

Thanks Karen, hope you can come too.

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