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help and healing for young women caught in patriocentricity

I often hear from young women who are struggling in the aftermath of being raised in patriocentric homes and who are looking for a kind word and encouragement as they seek to honor the Lord and make sense of their pasts. I am pleased that a young woman who survived this experience is writing a book and has started a blog to help others who desperately need healing from the spiritual and sometimes physical abuse they have suffered. Hillary McFarland’s blog looks like it will be a place for healing and help. Check it out.



  CharityGrace wrote @

Hi Karen,

I was delighted to hear about Hillary’s new blog. I agree–it looks like it will be a great resource.

I tried to find an email address on your blog but without success–perhaps I’m just missing it? I wanted to alert you to a review of So Much More that I posted on my blog. Putting it in a comment seems self-promoting, but since I can’t get in touch with you by email, here’s the link…I tucked it back in the archives:

It’s very long. If there’s an email address that I’m missing somewhere, please don’t hesitate to take this comment down. This might be a conversation better taken to a different format (?).



  thatmom wrote @

Hi Charity. I am thrilled that you posted your link here….am glad you felt free to do so. The more we help each other gain understanding of these issues, the better.

My e-mail is btw.

  thatmom wrote @

Charity, I just read through your review and couldn’t help but think that I wish you would review the Passionate Housewives book, too. i would be anxious to hear/read your thoughts on it. The same sort of word twisting goes on throughout that whole book and, while I agreed with so many things in it, as I did with the Botkin book, there were enough problems that it colored by whole opinion of it.

  Lisa wrote @

I am very happy to hear of this new blog! I cannot imagine what it must be like to be young and emerging from under that giant “umbrella” of authority for the first time! I can envision fear, self-doubt and other destructive emotions for these young women who must navigate a new life with the street-smarts of an infant. I hope it will focus on helping them discover the Truth in God’s Word and not the re-written word of the Patriarchy. I also hope somehow it will help them “forgive” themselves for being so “selfish” as to want out of Daddy’s home. I will be praying for this young woman and the words she will write.

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