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upcoming podcasts in February and some previews of the rest of 2009


February 13 ~ Part 2 of my discussion on abortion and men
February 20 ~ Walking Down Memory Lane ~ thatmom’s history of modern homeschooling
February 27 ~ Part 1 of my interview with Ellen Dana from the Moore Academy

January has been a month of regrouping for me…lots of podcast planning, writing and editing of those we have already recorded. I am so excited about what we will be airing in the next couple of months as well as some topics we are working on for later this year.

When Clay and I began our journey into home education, we had already spent several years considering bringing our children home from public school. When we finally did in 1985, there was only one family in our county who was also homeschooling and within a year they had moved 1000 miles away! We didn’t blaze the trail as many others had, but we were pretty much on our own out on the open prairie of educational choice.

During those years, we did lots of reading and researching, finding some of our greatest encouragement in books written by Raymond and Dorothy Moore, experts in the field of education and true pioneers in homeschooling. It is to my delight that I will be sharing interviews with two women who worked closely with the Moores and who continue to have a passion to keep their valuable research available for future generations of home educating parents.

My first podcasts in this series will feature Ellen Dana, an educational specialist from the Moore Academy. Ellen worked closely with the Moores in the early days of modern home education as the Moores often served as expert witnesses on home education for families who were being challenged in the courts. Not only did Ellen spend some years teaching her own children at home but she had been homeschooled herself as a child during the late 1930’s! I know you will really enjoy listening to her insights on both the earlier years of homeschooling and the foundation that was given to us through the Moores.

Following my chats with Ellen, I will also be airing an interview with Kathie Kordenbrock, daughter of Raymond and Dorothy Moore. Kathie was homeschooled by her parents during the 1940’s, grew up helping her parents in research and writing for educational journals, and home educated her own three sons through high school. I know this interview will be a special treat, especially for those who have read and loved the Moore books. And watch for a Moore book giveaway that I will be having during the weeks these podcasts air.

Also, I will be inviting some penny pinching homeschooling moms to join me to talk about how they have learned to bless their families by creatively saving money. You will need to keep a pen and paper handy because their ideas are terrific.

Homeschooling convention time is just around the corner and I will be giving you some tips on how to navigate the vendor hall and speaker workshops.

Later this year I will be airing my Patriarchy and Patriocentricity Revisited Series, a follow-up discussion of some of the concerns I have with the more radical influences that are popular within homeschooling circles. My guests and I will be examining some of the new teachers within this movement as well as some serious concerns that have surfaced as a result of the first series.

Finally, one of my goals this year is to spend more time in the Word and sharing what the Lord has been teaching me about being a homeschooling mom after His own heart. I look forward to these podcasts more than anything else that is on the roster!


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