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great online review of So Much More by the Botkin sisters

I was so blessed by this review that I read this morning by a lovely Christian mom of three daughters and one son.* The author and I speak the same language and it was refreshing to see such a well-written analysis of this popular book for young ladies published by Vision Forum. With the season of homeschooling conventions and vendor halls on the horizon, I am happy to publish reviews such as this one. Thanks for sharing with us, Charity.

“…..One fatal interpretive mistake the Botkins commit is to use the “example” method to determine whether or not a single woman can be a missionary (p. 267). Since there are no stories of women missionaries in the Bible, they conclude that a woman can never be a missionary. There is a problem with this method of interpretation, too. We don’t have examples of women in scripture doing a lot of things the Botkin girls do, such as making movies, writing books, taking notes at business meetings, and so forth. Simply because there are no examples in scripture of a particular person doing a particular thing does not mean it is consequently forbidden by scripture. By the same token, simply because a person in scripture commits a particular worthy act does not always mean we should follow in their footsteps. If you follow the “example” logic, we could encourage girls to pound spikes through the heads of God’s enemies, like Jael, seduce men on the threshing floor like Ruth, or enter a king’s harem like Esther. The “example” method can lead to all kinds of trouble. An amusing sample of this kind of interpretation is the satirical piece “Top 15 Biblical Ways to Acquire a Wife.” We should be on the lookout for God’s specific instructions rather than basing doctrine on examples. They actually turn their own argument on its head by telling the story of God’s work through Rahab and then admonishing girls that her example of the end justifying the means should not be followed. So clearly they pick and choose the examples they subscribe to……read more here

*I wanted to note that I had forgotten about Charity’s son and edited my original post. I apologize, Charity!



  CharityGrace wrote @

Wow, thank you!!! I didn’t expect a mention. Your encouragement means a lot.

  TaunyaH wrote @

That was a great article. Very accurate and well thought out.

  Lisa wrote @

Great review–vivid “examples”!

  Carole wrote @

Thanks so much for the link. What a well composed review!

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