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happy birthday, ben


We celebrated another family birthday last week and I had wanted to post this picture but just couldn’t locate it until this morning. Our son, Ben, is now 22. Where has the time gone?

The Lord had given us three children…three in less than four years… and we were a bit overwhelmed. As I shared on the militant fecundity podcasts, I had begged our doctor to perform a tubal ligation. I just “knew” I wouldn’t ever want to have another baby. But the Lord protected me from my own foolish heart and the doctor refused. How thankful I am that we have our son Ben, our fourth born. He is a delight to us and has a heart to serve the Lord. In fact, his vision for doing so puts me and my small thinking to shame many times.

Ben, we are thanking God for you and celebrating your birth even though we are far apart this year. May the Lord continue to use you for His glory alone. We love you!


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Inspiring entry. I read testimonials at tubal-reversal.nett/blog that such blessing of having a child isn’t really that much appreciated until one has finally had the chance of bearing a child. I’ll blogroll you.

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