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happy valentine’s day


A few weeks ago Clay painted Will’s old room so we could have a combination guest room and craft room. I have been busy organizing it, pulling all sorts of sewing treasures out of storage and deciding what to make first. I began with these ballerina rag dolls for my four granddaughters to send them for Valentine’s Day, cocoa colored hair for the two brunettes and honey colored for the blonde and possible-redhead. My inspiration was Alicia Paulson’s book called Stitched in Time.


Aren’t their faces sweet? I can’t wait to hear what my little valentine girls think of them.



  Kathy wrote @

These are adorable, Karen–I love the faces and the hairdos! Your grandbabies are blessed to have you for a grandma.

  mollie wrote @

aaah, i love them! they’re eyes are so terrific! can’t wait to see lola dragging it around…..

  Jan Verhoeff wrote @

What a lovely idea for a valentine’s day gift. My little angel will love a doll similar. I hadn’t thought of making one, but I will be stitching one up before I head north in a few days. Thank you for the idea.

Jan Verhoeff

  Kim wrote @

They are beautiful Karen! Fun!

  Talia wrote @

these dolls are simply ADORABLE!!! I love them!! Oh, I bet your granddaughters are going to treasure these for YEARS.

Alicia Paulson is amazing. I love her cute little blog and all her craftiness.

  thatmom wrote @

Isn’t Alicia Paulson fun? What I really like about her crafts is that you can pull out your craft drawer and make about anything! It is typically simple sewing and there is much room for creativity.

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