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Only a film of daylight filtered through the oiled paper of its single windowpane. Cold shadows filled the corners and stretched long-wavering fingers toward the hearth. A log snapped in the fire and dropped. Nancy Lincoln on her bed of saplings wakened, turned and drew the little son only a few hours old closer within the warm circle of her arm. She saw now that he was thin and angular, not round and comforting as his sister, Sarah, had been, but as she watched his even breathing, her smile was tender, and when she lifted her eyes to the shadows, they were warm and dark and full of dreams for him.

A sudden gust of wind spiraled down the chimney. The bear skin flapped in the doorway, and with a whirl of snow in upon the hard dirt floor came Dennis Hanks, nine years old and completely breathless. Tom had told them, he gasped. Aunt Betsy Sparrow was now on her way, fetching a linsey shirt for the boy and a “yeller” petticoat, while he–he’d run the whole two miles to see his new-born cousin! Where was he? Who’d he look like and what was goin’ to be his name?

“Abraham, we figur to call him, after his gran’pappy Linkorn.” Nancy’s slow words were touched with pride as she lifted a corner of the homespun coverlet to display the new arrival. One look left the eager young visitor speechless with dismay.

“He’ll not come to much, I reckon,” he said finally, and as if that settled the matter, went over to the fire and sat down.

from Abraham Lincoln’s World by Genevieve Foster



  Cindy K wrote @

There’s Karen….

Makin’ friends with and influencin’ those kinists!

  Susan T wrote @

Thanks for sharing! We LOVE Lincoln and all the Foster books. I was at Beautiful Feet website recently and they have reprinted the d’AuLaire Lincoln in hardcover, the Daugherty Lincoln and 2 other topics by Foster: Wm. Penn and The Year of the Horseless Carriage and a couple others that look terrific.

  thatmom wrote @

Cindy, what can I say? You know I would have been an abolitionist!!!

  thatmom wrote @

Susan, we have really loved the Genevieve Foster books. And I was so excited to pass along some of my D’Aulaire books to grandchildren this summer. They are so wonderful for the little ones. Now today I am heading for the Beautiful Feet website!

  Cindy K wrote @

You and me both, Karen.

The amount of vitriol tossed at Lincoln astounds me. It is one thing to say that this is a man who made mistakes. Every person does good and evil in their lives. I think that the man made a lot of mistakes and did a lot of good, too. He had a life with much heartache at an early age and he did not fit in. And he certainly did not sit on the sidelines of life.

What I don’t understand is why 130 odd years since his assassination why so many who are so affectionate towards the Cause of the South and then neoconfederates still garnish such hatred. More than a century has passed, and those wrongs of 130 years ago cannot be undone. We should learn and be honest about the past, but why foster such hatred?

The other thing that amazes me from those who have been indoctrinated to hate Lincoln is the fact that they insist that he’s not in heaven. Some believe that Lincoln wrote about being an atheist just a few days before his death. I know that I was taught that he had a conversion experience. Wade Burleson has a good summary of this on his blog. What I want to know is why men 130 later want to insist that he is burning in hellfire. I hope that every man that has ever heard the Gospel has a deathbed or foxhole or a bullet wound conversion and will be numbered with the redeemed! Yet there are those who will argue that Lincoln died an unbeliever. Why? Why does their hatred run so deep and from whence did they acquire such hatred.

By God’s grace, after I see Jesus and my loved ones and the people of Old I’ve been waiting to meet, I hope I run into Lincoln, to the glory of God the Father.

  Susan T wrote @

Cindy K said:

“By God’s grace, after I see Jesus and my loved ones and the people of Old I’ve been waiting to meet, I hope I run into Lincoln, to the glory of God the Father.”


  TaunyaH wrote @

Thanks Karen for this. I am sure you would have been an abolitionist too. It really warms my heart to know that there are white, Christian, homeschoolers who would not have been content allowing me and my family sit in slavery while continuing to claim they were Christians!

  thatmom wrote @

Taunya, I am so moved by what you have written here. Putting a real person and a real face behind a belief changes everything and I am praying that you have done that today. I am so blessed to know you.

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