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another insight into the CHEC and Sonlight controversy

Tim Martin, a homeschool graduate who is part of an organization called Beyond Creation Science, has written a thoughtful review of Sonlight Curriculum’s banning from the Christian Home Educators of Colorado. A proponent of an old-earth perspective on creation and the preterist view of eschatology, particularly as he believes they relate to each other, Martin writes a detailed analysis of CHEC’s narrowing views of what does and does not constitute “Christian curriculum” when it comes to vendors at their convention.

Until I looked over Martin’s website, I was unfamiliar with their teachings on what they call “new covenant creation” though I have studied preterism. Since I have always considered myself to be a young earth creationist, his arguments are new information but I believe they would certainly fall within what I would consider to be orthodoxy as related to the Christian faith. In fact, I would challenge homeschoolers to look at the doctrinal statements of their own denominations in regards to these positions. (I would differentiate between historic preterism and dominion theology as expressed within homeschooling circles.)

Interestingly, Kevin Swanson’s own Orthodox Presbyterian Church denomination has no problem with ordaining elders and deacons who hold to an old-earth view and I personally know of an ordained pastor within that denomination who also holds to a preterist view of the end times.

These are not issues that establish orthodoxy in most churches so I don’t understand why CHEC is seeking to use them as standards within a homeschooling organization. As Martin has pointed out, CHEC is attempting to censor and control what individual families will think and teach rather than trusting parents to do the job God has given them to do in educating their own children. This becomes further proof that their circle of orthodoxy is a shrinking one.

I truly understand what Martin is saying and what John Holzman has experienced, especially the disingenuous way in which it has been done. This is the same methodology that has been used to control and “interpret” the various views within homeschooling that aren’t in alignment with “patriocentricity” and the reason many of us who hold to traditionally conservative views on the roles of men and women can be labeled as “white washed feminists.” It is this sort of bowdlerization that results in division and dissension within the homeschooling community.

I will continue to keep you posted on new developments regarding this situation and any other examples of this sort of behavior coming out of the self-appointed homeschooling “leadership.”



[…] See the rest here: another insight into the CHEC and Sonlight controversy […]

[…] Read the rest here:  another insight into the CHEC and Sonlight controversy […]

  Luke Holzmann wrote @

I saw that article as well and this is a great summary of it. Great thoughts.

May we not lead to division but rather build toward unity and connection as we wrestle through these important issues.


  momgodin wrote @

Thanks for the updates on this hijack attempt of the homeschooling movement.

  CalLadyQED wrote @

Here’s another interesting article by Tim Martin regarding a recent problem with Answers in Genesis:

Thought you’d be interested. This is more than censoring.

P.S. I’m Jeff Vaughn’s (Tim’s co-author and accomplice) daughter, so I’m not exactly unbiased. 🙂

  thatmom wrote @

CalLady, I am so glad you posted this. I am in the process of writing a piece about integrity among homeschoolers and this will be in the article. I am still in awe of the arrogance.

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