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isn’t recycling grand?


These are two of the aprons I recently made for my “girls” which includes my daughter, two daughters-in-law, and one to-be. I found a complete set of days of the week dish towels that had never been used at an old lady garage sale last summer and have been saving them to recycle into pockets for aprons. This was a fun project and who can’t use a fresh apron from time to time?



  momgodin wrote @

I love those aprons! What a great idea to use the tea towels for pockets.
I haven’t sewed since I started wearing these ‘reader glasses’. I can’t thread the needle! And when I ask for help, a child asks suspiciously, “did you lick it??”
Not worth the humiliation. ;p 😀

  thatmom wrote @

Oh, that is hilarious! I used to sew a lot and then when my youngest son was a toddler, he was the worst child I ever had about getting into my things while I was sewing. As he got a little older he would want to make something, too, so I spent much of my time assisting him. Finally I put the machine away and really didn’t sew much until my daughter got married and wanted us to sew her dress. So my husband bought me a really nice machine to do that and I have tried to get back into the groove. It has taken nearly 8 years, but I am slowly getting there! There are so many wonderful fabrics now and so many cute ideas….more that I have time for!

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