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some examples of hypocrisy within the homeschooling community that need to be addressed

If we are going to seriously expect godly character from our children, not only must we exhibit it ourselves, we must expect it of those who seek to minister to the homeschooling community. Look at some of the heartbreaking examples that grieve not only the body of Christ but those who want homeschooling to be known for its integrity.

I remember a few years ago when R. C. Sproul Jr. was defrocked from his denomination and shortly thereafter was to speak at a homeschooling conference in Colorado. In spite of the pleas of of many parents that his lack of integrity would set a bad example to young people, he was welcomed with open arms.

A few months back I came across the “white papers” where the late Raymond Moore shares the sad tale of his treatment at the hands of other homeschoolers whom he believed sought to marginalize his influence within the homeschooling community.

Last week John Holzmann brought it to our attention that Answers in Genesis has revised a sermon by Charles Spurgeon so it would reflect their young earth views in spite of the fact that Spurgeon did not hold to those views and made comments that contradicted their position. How does this exhibit integrity to homeschoolers who read their materials? (Be sure read subsequent articles about this on his blog.)



  Luke Holzmann wrote @

May we be known for our love and unity, and the grace that bathes us so we can bathe others in it as well.


  thatmom wrote @

Luke, what gracious words. I often struggle with what is appropriate to discuss here and what is not.

As it would happen, this week our Bible study is working through 2 Timothy. One of the assignments was to make a list of those Paul listed as unfaithful as he warned Timothy. It was in making that list and writing it down that struck me as interesting. He wanted to warn Timothy that there were those who were not faithful to what he was trying to accomplish and Paul wanted Timothy to understand that.

Not only does Paul list those who were false teachers but he also named men like Demas who “loved this present world” and abandoned the ministry Paul had established. He also named Alexander the coppersmith who “did me much harm” as he said. We do not know exactly what these men did but we know that Paul saw them as detrimental to the discipling and teaching of others.

I believe that we need to warn others when there are ministries that are preaching and teaching a Gospel that isn’t. We need to also express our concerns when homeschooling leaders have not been forthright and honest in their dealings with others. We need to extend grace and know when to hold feet to the fire. And we need to seek unity while realizing that Scripture warns us in Psalm 85:10: “Love and faithfulness meet together; righteousness and peace kiss each other. “

  amanda wrote @

You are so right on this! Did you do a podcast on the Moores? I have been trying to find it, and I can’t.

  thatmom wrote @

Hi Amanda!

I am so glad you asked about the Moore podcasts….you are in for a real treat! The first one will be online tomorrow afternoon and will be followed by several more. (We are still editing and aren’t sure how many there will be! The first ones are with Ellen Dana who is a teacher and consultant with Moore Academy and who worked diligently with the Moores to seek freedoms for homeschooling families during the 1970’s. She and I talked about academic readiness in children as well as some of the concerns that the Moores had about the direction that they saw homeschooling beginning to take.

Following those, I interviewed Kathie Kordenbrock, daughter of Raymond and Dorothy Moore and we spent a lot of time talking about the Moore Formula. We explored importance of coming back to the heart of homeschooling which is building relationships with our children and the goals of raising life-long learners.

I will be blogging about the interviews later today and know they will be a great source of encouragement to all homeschooling moms, no matter the age of your children or the number of years of homeschooling you have under you belt!

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