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march 6 podcast

This week I am beginning a series of podcasts that I know will be a tremendous source of encouragement for homeschooling moms as I welcome Ellen Dana, educational consultant for the Moore Academy. Ellen was homeschooled herself during some of her years of elementary school and went on to homeschool 2 of her children. She also worked as an assistant to Dr. Raymond Moore beginning in the early 1980’s and is one of the resident experts on the Moore’s research on early childhood education.

In a few weeks I will also be sharing an interview I did with Kathie Kordenbrock, president of the Moore Academy and the daughter of Raymond and Dorothy Moore. Kathie has homeschooled her three sons all the way through high school and she will be sharing with us the Moore formula for success in homeschooling as well as giving us some tips about how it can be put into practice. Be sure to join me for this entire series as I know you will enjoy every podcast!



  march 6 podcast | Home School News Blog wrote @

[…] Excerpt from: march 6 podcast […]

  Kim wrote @

Hey Karen…I finally had a quiet evening to listen to this pod cast. Very good, thanks!

I thought it was funny to hear you talk about the SRA reading program. We did that in my elementary school, too. And I was the best reader in my class. I think I was kind of a miss smarty pants about it, too, if I remember correctly. Hmmm….glad my kids haven’t had to go through that!

  thatmom wrote @

Oh, Kim, say it ain’t so!

Do you remember the time Brad, Clay, you, and I all were talking about our own experiences in grade school and you were the only one with really positive experiences? As I recall, the discussion had to do with the fact that all three of us had had to see a child psychologist at the school for something or other at some time and we waited for you to add your tale of woe but you had none! I am glad you are my friend!

You know, that hoity toity SRA reading guy in my class is now a math teacher and probably a really good one. He has never married and lives alone. He narrowly missed being class valedictorian but one B in typing prevented it.

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