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march 20 podcast

This week’s podcast features Ellen Dana from the Moore Academy in part three of my series on the educational philosophies of Raymond and Dorothy Moore. This week Ellen and I discuss some of the concerns Dr. Moore had about the exclusivity homeschoolers practice in regards to both those in government schools and other homeschoolers who have differing convictions.



  Cindy K wrote @

This series has been wonderful, and I am amazed at how it has encapsulated all that I learned and believed about homeschooling. Ellen Dana is also impressive, clearly aware of the research, echoing everything I have learned about mind science, a field that has expanded dramatically over the past 10 years. She’s got a firm grasp on all of that new data, and it is interesting that the Moores identified these factors related to learning more than 20 years ago.

I was greatly encouraged by Ellen’s comments about preparing children to be fit to meet any demands with confidence. Her sentiment echoed what was the guiding principle of all Christian education 25 years ago: the goal is not sequestering children but preparing them to be champions of the Gospel. And I again heard my mentor’s last words to me to never stop being a Daniel as Ellen mentioned the book of Daniel as a fitting analogy for how Christians should be in this world.

Hallelujah! This was such a blessing. I look forward to the the rest of the series.

  Mel wrote @

Hi Karen,

I need to spend some serious time think on on your grace in parenting series, but I ran across something that might be more relevant here. Have you seen this blog &/or do you know anything about the author (of the blog)? This particular post was brought to my attention b/c of the mention of Gothard. *ahem* 😀

  thatmom wrote @

Mel, I would really be interested in reading the book on the history of homeschooling. Right now there is the misguided idea that it began with a few now-famous men in the late 80’s when, in reality, some of them “lifted” their ideas from the Moores!

I am also intrigued by the article on Chinese Christian homeschoolers. My daughter went to Taiwan in the early 80’s with Gothard’s ATI and I have always wondered what the long-term results have been on his ministry there. I know it is still a big presence.

BTW, my husband really got a good laugh out of Gothard being described as the “Christian Confucius!”

  Cathleen wrote @


I haven’t been able to listen to or download the March 20th (the 3rd in the series). When I just click on it, there isn’t anything but a Q on the screen. I could be doing something wrong, but thought I’d check.


  thatmom wrote @

Cathleen, we reloaded the podcast this morning. I am so glad you told us about it because it worked the first week for us!

  Cathleen wrote @


Thank you so much! I’ve got it now.


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