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Kathie Kordenbrock

Continuing in my series of interviews on the educational philosophies of Raymond and Dorothy Moore, I am pleased to be welcoming their daughter, Kathie Kordenbrock, to my podcast. Beginning on April 3, Kathie will be sharing her own insights on her parents’ teachings, her experiences as a homeschooling mom, and how to implement the Moore Formula.



  anthea wrote @

Hello Karen

I am sorry that I did not reply to your posting on the pill. II thought that I had requested email notification of any replies to my comment. Guess that did not work!

The info you posted looks like the leaflets from the Family Planning Clinic – the National Health Service provision. (Cor, talk about 2 nations divided by a common language – that last sentence had lots of culturally specific content – sorry. ) Anyway, the govt agenct will assume that the woman does not care about abortion. The CMF advice seems to be – take your pill every day to avoid a problem. I treat Cerazette as if it were only allowing a 3 hour window. That means that by 11 am, time’s up and I have plenty of time to remember that I forgot to take it. I have never forgotten to remember that I forgot!

I did not use it when breastfeeding. I would be bound to forget it with a newborn in tow.

Some of the advice on this topic comes from christians who are anti any form of birth control — I don’t mean you, but some of the other sites. The CMF struck me as fair, since they blew the myth that the Mirena coil does not cause abortions. So, I felt that if they understood what christians really want to know.

However, I will check out that article – coincidentally , I found Randy Alcorn’s site last week.

Thanks Karen.


  thatmom wrote @

Anthea, it is always helpful to me to look at the information from the actual pill manufacturer or the company that produces the ingredients.

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