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all my babies

clip from 1952 film All My Babies

I came across a documentary over the weekend that shows yet another interesting slice of American history as well as a wonderfully moving account of a true Titus 2 woman at work. Originally filmed to be used as a training documentary for midwives in the rural area of Albany, Georgia in 1952, the movie tells the story of “Miss Mary” a mid-wife who delivered 4000 babies during the years she served her community. The movie can be rented on Netflix or ordered from your inter-library loan and is also available for purchase from Amazon.

I would highly recommend seeing this film because of not only its historical interest but because of the example of this wonderful woman. If you decide to watch the whole film, be sure to watch the accompanying commentary and also note that there is a graphic, though quite discreet, recording of a live birth. I know any expectant moms will especially enjoy this.



  Momma Knows wrote @

Thanks for the recommendation! I just requested this from

  Amie wrote @

This is so intersting. GA is currently in the process (has been for over 2 years, I am not sure where they are at at this time) in “legalizing” midwives. I wish the State congress there could be inspired by a film such as this. Thanks for sharing, I am going to go and look for it on Netflix. Amie 🙂

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