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great thought #50

One of my favorite public people is Peggy Noonan who became most well-known as a speech writer for Ronald Reagan, herself not a public speaker until later in life. Peggy’s insights into human nature frequently give me pause for reflection about my own life journey. I have been working my way through her book “On Speaking Well” when I came across this thought:

“I think that to achieve true adulthood is to understand the simplicity of things. We’re locked in a funny arc, most of us, in terms of what we know. When you are goony and fourteen years old you think the most important thing in life is love. Then you mature, become more sober and thoughtful, and realize the most import thing in life is achieving, leaving your mark, making breakthroughs in the field of science, or winning an Academy Award in recognition of a serious body of work, or creating security for yourself or your family through having a good house and sending your kids to good schools. And then you get older and realize the most important thing in life is love. Giving love to others and receiving it from God. All the rest, the sober, thoughtful things, are good and constructive but love is the thing. The rest is just more or less what you were doing between fourteen and wisdom.”


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