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some great links and resources for the week

I love how much there is to learn from other bloggers and I have been blessed and enriched by so many over the years, not to mention provided with great ideas for Toastmaster speeches AND delicious recipes for my family! Today I am sharing some of the current posts that I found helpful.

Amy has a great article on ways to entertain a family that are inexpensive and even free. The best part is that she has provided links for all her creative ideas. Thanks, Amy!

Since I was a child, I have loved listening to missionaries tell their stories and we have read dozens of mission biographies over the years. Civilla has some terrific insights and suggestions for becoming more missions aware. Check them out!

Taunya is continuing her thought-provoking series on the patriocentric movement with part two on raising daughters. This article is particularly good because she addresses some areas of concern that I haven’t yet seen discussed and the comments are also worth checking out. Be sure to go back and read through the other articles on this topic if you haven’t yet seen them.

I recently decided to add book reviews to this blog and my current read is Milton Gaither’s book, Homeschooling ~ An American History. Gaither’s blog is a treasury of interesting information for anyone who loves social science research, as I do, and when that research is on homeschooling, oh boy, I love it! Gaither shares lots of interesting facts and this blog is only going to be more fun to read as time goes on!


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