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cal thomas says it best

Cal Thomas, veteran of the culture wars, has written a piece this week that deserves reading, as do, really, all of his articles. This one talks about the newest challenge to superficial beauty: Susan Boyle, British singing sensation. This is the most delightful youtube clip I have seen in ages.

And in another fashion note, if you are still under the impression that denim is the devil’s fabric, you will love this cranky article by George Will. Fred Astaire, emblem of the new manly man? I will have to think about that one!



  thatmom wrote @

I am wearing jeans as I do nearly every day! 🙂

  Kim wrote @

Karen, I loved the cranky article.

It was good to talk to you today!

  Kathleen wrote @

As Meg Ryan said in Joe Versus the Volcano, “I have no response to that.”

Actually, I do.

I read that article on George “I’m-hoping-you’ll-ignore-my-comb-over” Will’s hatred of the fabric of the U.S.A – denim jeans specifically, and have to ask: THIS is a guy who won a Pulitzer prize as a journalist? Oh, my.

He had such contempt for the working class, who make this country run. I wear jeans, but I try not to wear “mom jeans” 😉

He abused 1 Corinthians by applying it to jeans-wearing, and made mockery of our God’s Spirit-breathed Word.

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