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happy birthday to Joe


Joe at three years of age, one of my favorite pictures. Thankfully he has grown out of his mug shot stage!

This week we celebrated another family birthday, a big one since Joe has now turned 18! How can it be?

Since I had a history of being overdue with our babies, it was no surprise that the doctor would schedule a time to be induced. The night before our appointment, I kept telling Clay that I thought labor was beginning but he just wouldn’t believe me. Why would he? I had cried “wolf” 5 times before! But in the early hours of the morning, I made him get out of bed and take me to the hospital where Joe was born before dawn! I was so happy to finally have a middle-of-the-night-rush-to-the-hospital experience, complete with a doctor whose hair was a mess and a nervous dad hoping he wouldn’t have to deliver his son along route 116!

The nurses couldn’t weigh him on the scale in the delivery room and instead had to take him to the nursery to find out that he weighed 10 pounds 14 ounces. They were amazed and Joe and I were the talk of the neonatal unit that week, but to me he was still my tiny baby! We named him Joseph after my favorite man in the Bible.

Joe has been such a blessing to our family, the proverbial youngest child, the one who is always willing to help and encourage no matter what. He is an artist, a musician, and the best nephew and niece entertainer anyone could want. He also loves the Lord and that blesses me more than anything else about my precious son. Happy birthday, Joe! May the Lord continue to grow you in the faith and bless you in the days and years to come!


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  Talia wrote @

10 lbs??? Wow. You’re a hero. hehe.

I hope your “baby” had a good birthday!!

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