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april 24 podcast

Welcome back to this week’s podcast and to part four of my interview with Kathie Kordenbrock from the Moore Academy. Kathy is the daughter of homeschooling pioneers and educational experts Raymond and Dorothy Moore and has also homeschooled her three boys through the high school years. This week Kathie and I discuss the various Moore books and how they can be valuable resources for homeschooling families. For more information on the Moore Formula and to purchase materials be sure to visit the Moore Academy website.

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  Gloris wrote @

This is so awesome. You have a cute voice! To quote Beth Moore, “May God bless your socks off!’ Gloris

  thatmom wrote @

Hi Gloris, whose name I love! I am so glad to see you hear and want to thank you for your kind words.

  Melanie wrote @

Hi Karen,
I just want to THANK YOU for this series of podcasts about the Moores!!!! In all the research I did about homeschooling and the last three years I’ve homeschooled, attended conferences and our local support group I have never heard of the Moores. What a shame!
I have an 8 year old daughter and a six year old son whom I homeschool, plus two more younger ones. This past year with my son in grade one I have had this nagging gut feeling that perhaps he was not ready and if I held off until he matured some more we would all be the better for it. He grasps concepts, wants to read and is a year ahead in Math but just does not have the attention span to get through the lessons without a great deal of coaxing and frustration on both our parts. He is absolutely brilliant when it comes to Kid-K-nex and will spend days building and modifying various mechanical structures of his design and I have often wondered if I should just shelve the books for another year or so and let him play, create, invent and figure out how things work to his hearts content.
I am six chapters into “The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook” and am astounded. My gut feeling regarding my son is right! They have confirmed so much of what I suspected and have allayed many fears I have of holding off. To think, I could continue to fight my son for the sake of educating him or wait several more years and have him learn in months what I would have fought for years to teach him all the while actually hindering him in damaging ways.
A whole paradigm shift is taking place, with lots to evaluate. I am newly encouraged and hopeful regarding our homeschool future and even think having more children would not be as overwhelming a prospect as it has seemed this past year.
THANK YOU again!

  thatmom wrote @

Melanie, what a blessing your story was to read this morning. I, too, want to share the insights of the Moores, far and wide. I know your testimony will bless and encourage many moms today!

  BlueflowerTreasures wrote @

I’ve really enjoyed these podcasts…I listened while I sewed and I need to listen again to take notes! Thanks for doing them!

  Connie wrote @

Thanks for these podcasts. What a great resource.

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