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contest coming to an end

If you haven’t already left a comment on one of the podcasts with Kathie Kordenbrock, please do so within the next week in order to be included in the drawing for a limited edition watercolor print! I will be drawing the names on May 8th and can’t wait to send off these charming pictures to the lucky winners! I am also including 3 CD’s of each of the 1st and 2nd year podcasts archives and 3 of the Moore series for you to enjoy and to share with friends. Just recently someone told me that she gave the CD’s away as baby shower gifts and I thought it was a great way to send a little encouragement along for a new mom.


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  Cindy K wrote @

Hey Karen,

I’m only posting on blog comment contests that involve cookies. What is it about a homemade cookie that someone else baked?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the ones I make don’t last long anyway, and I don’t get to enjoy them? Once my dad had most of the baked ones eaten before I finished baking all the batter. I had to hide the last tray from him so that someone else could get a couple of them.

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