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day after mother’s day

Well, I heard from all the children either in phone or person, talking with three of them each twice during the day. It was wonderful!

I was treated to lunch and stir fried asparagus at the Flat Top grill along with I-tunes and Borders gift cards and that was wonderful!

I was able to find Orange Dream ice cream, my mom’s favorite, so that was wonderful on another level.

I also had an interesting chat with my 8 year old grandson who was anxious to talk to me about what he and his mom are doing in school these days. It was a scream! He wanted to know if I knew that Louis and Clark sailed up the Mississippi River, if I knew that the French owned the other side of the Mississippi River from Illinois, if I knew that Napoleon was French, how far I live from the Mississippi River and if I would take him to the Mississippi River the next time he visits me. It was awesome to hear someone so enthused about learning and school work. The only word to describe him was exuberant, which is a word my own mom still uses to describe me some days!

I had meant to post these links yesterday but never had a chance between the ice cream celebrating and the phone calls. The first is my own adoption story, which I shared on this podcast for Mother’s Day in 2007. The second is what I shared about my own mom last year and the third is what I wrote about my own experience as a first time mom. I hope someone finds encouragement and blessings by my musings.

And I hope your day was wonderful. Next year, let’s all get tiaras to wear, shall we?


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  Carol wrote @

Glad you have a wonderful family.

You might have seen this:

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