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may 8 podcast

“We understand these attitudes but what does God expect us to do with them if we are to be good stewards of the gift of suffering? I believe that one of the greatest purposes for suffering is to allow us the opportunity to minister to others, to serve others by comforting them with the same comfort we have received.” Listen here for this week’s called “To Whom Much is Given, Part Two.”



  Elizabeth wrote @

I’ve just discovered your blog. I read the entire article about the pros and cons of the FIC movement on your website, and found it very balanced and insightful. Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights!

I have been trying to read your blog, as I’m very interested in discovering what other insights you have to share, but I wanted to mention that I find it very difficult to read. The 4 columns of tiny, light blue print is very hard for my over 40 eyes to read! I found myself with a headache after just a short time. You have much wisdom and insight. May I suggest a more user-friendly format?

  thatmom wrote @

Hi Elizabeth

If you hold the control key and hit the “plus” sign it should help. I have been in the process of changing my whole blog over to my website and the prototype fixes that issues. (You aren’t the first to share that concern.) I may go ahead and put it into a different format though until it is ready. Let me know one way or the other of that trick works for your computer screen.

Thanks, oh, and welcome!


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