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please pray for jessica hulcy from konos

Jessica Hulcy, author and publisher of Konos homeschooling curriculum, has been in a terrible car accident and the family is asking for prayer. This came around from her husband, Wade, today:

“Jessica’s Ford Explorer was broadsided in Melissa, TX about 11:30 on Monday morning. We think she was hit by a volunteer fire truck responding to an accident. After a 25 minute extrication process she was Life Flighted as a level 1 (the most severe) trauma case to Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

She is still in critical condition. Here is what we know so far:

1. She is still unconscious but is moving all four limbs and attempting
to pull the tubes out of her throat which is encouraging to the doctors.

2. Major Lung trauma, punctures to both lungs. Both were collapsed. One
is now working well and they are still draining the other. Doctors are
checking for possible damage to wind pipe and trachea.

3. Head trauma. Medium amounts of blood on the brain. Closely monitoring
this to see if it improves. Surgery not necessary now, but possible to come.

4. As of now multiple broken ribs on both sides, broken left wrist,
broken left arm in 2 places. Will require surgery. Possible broken left
leg and right wrist. She has undergone 4 hrs of X-rays, over 1000 X-rays
taken so far. They are working the broken bones in the order of most
life threatening so there is a possibility of more discovery of broken

Update: There is no change in Jessica’s status since the report last
night. The doctors are waiting for her to wake up. Wade asks that we
pray for her mental/brain status.”



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  Cindy K wrote @

I would suggest praying specifically that God wakes Jessica up.

The skull is a confined space, and volume means pressure. Pray that all bleeding stop. There are some limited things that can be done to control pressure, and ultimately, you want to get rid of any volume in the head (blood) that is pushing on the brain so it can re-expand and function. But consciousness is key in several types of intracranial bleeds. Some types of bleeds are inoperable until the person becomes conscious. You would think that they would dive right in there and evacuate the clots, but when they do that with certain types of bleeds, the surgery is a success but the patient outcomes prove to be very bad. Some types of bleeding require that there be a certain level of consciousness (one criteria of which is limb movement) for the patient to have a good outcome. The fact that she is moving is a really, really good sign.

Pray that God wakes her up.

  Michelle wrote @

Jessica’s Caring Bridge Website

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  robyn luscombe wrote @

My name is Robyn Luscombe. I am a friend of Wade and Jessica Hulcy. I taught Little Tykes PE with Wade for 15+ years before marrying and moving to Anna, Tx.

I have no additional news pertaining to Jessica’s condition. I got a call from Wade about 30 minutes ago and he sounds as good as can be expected. After asking the Lord how we might help, my husband and I are in the process of setting up a site where donations of any size can be made. Working together as a community of believers, maybe we can help offset the immediate negative financial impact this will make , and allow Wade time to tend to his family with additional peace of mind. (I believe both Jessica and Wade were both looking at rather full speaking agendas over the next several months). I would be interested in knowing if anyone has other suggestions or ideas. God Bless you and I’ll watch for additional posts.

I am doing this on my own but intend to ask Wade for permission as soon as he calls me back.

Robyn Luscombe (972) 838-2321

  thatmom wrote @

Michelle, thanks for the link.

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