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great thought #51

“The gospel shows us a Law that must be fulfilled (destroying our pride) and a Savior that fulfills it completely for us (destroying our despair). Instead of obeying to make God indebted to them, Christians obey because they are indebted to Him. The difference between these two ways of morality could not be greater. I want to preach that Christian morality is a response to grace, not a means to grace.” ~ Tim Keller



  anika wrote @


  anika wrote @

my husband says that the smile, just the leaving of a smile, is NOT enough… that it does not speak the volumes that could be, or rather should be spoken…. in responce to this quote…
I rather thought my smile spoke volumes… hmmm

  Luke Holzmann wrote @

Yep. Agreed. Totally.

Or, as has been so eloquently stated already:



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