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stonestreet on the youth culture

John Stonestreet, executive director of Summit Ministries, an organization that is doing outstanding work in preparing young adults to rightly interpret the various worldviews as they challenge the Word of God, has written an interesting piece on “teenagers.” We were first introduced to this concept 20 some years ago and, sadly, it is just now reaching the mainstream churches who are finding themselves frustrated with the failures they see in their youth programs. In fact, the Barna research has repeatedly shown that what young people need is the influence of more godly adults in their lives to be mentors and friends.

Check out John’s presentation,”Why Students Walk Away from Their Faith,” part one. You can find the rest of it on youtube.



  shadowspring wrote @

The college students I know who have walked away from the faith have done so because of emotional abuse and/or neglect by confessing parents.

*ouch* That would include my own daughter, who thankfully has returned to a daily walk with Jesus as her father and I came clean about our formerly hidden and ignored sin.

Being religious, having daily devotions, choosing a morally upright life- all that is important. But without LOVE, it is clanging cymbals, not music to live by.

Thatmom, you pointed me to a series about standard bearers vs. image bearers that I think is more insightful on this point.

Loving, honestly loving our as the Lord loves us, should be on a higher plane than keeping a righteous standard. You know the Lord loved us while we were yet sinners. I think sometimes Christian parents hold their children to a higher standard than God does.

His love never fails. His mercies are new every morning. Can our children say that about us? Do they feel like we love sinners, or feel superior to them?

Do our children feel like we love them apart from how they make us look to others? We might not like the honest answer to that one! It’s not about emotions in our heart, but what message do our words and actions send to their hearts?

Do they see love from Dad to Mom, real love and affection that goes with it? Nurture? Cherishing?

Or is the family a world of hurt and buried resentments and cold hearts that we try to cover up with good works, church attendance and TV filters that protect our ears from unholy vocabulary?

Well, on to listen to the rest of the series to see if he addresses this core concern.

  thatmom wrote @

Stonestreet addresses this when he talks about young people needing people they can trust. It was very convicting and right on.

  thatmom wrote @

shadowspring, I want you to know how much your transparency blesses my heart. The past few weeks my husband and I have witnessed a horribly sad family situation where patriocentric parents have basically excommunicated their daughter and right at a time in her life when she desperately needs mentors. We are grief stricken for her and lift her up to the Lord is prayer, that He will protect her. It has personally moved me to examine the idea of parental repentance in a fresh light. Keep your thoughts coming!

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