real encouragement for real homeschooling moms

celebrating another milestone


Getting read for the long awaited day!


Ben and his fiancee, Julie, heading for a different ceremony; the next important one is still ahead!


Our son, Ben, is officially a sound engineer with a degree from Full Sail University. And where else would the graduation ceremony be held but at the Hard Rock Cafe?


I am trying not to think of that Stooges clip when they posed as professors, but it just isn’t working!


Clay flew down to Orlando for the ceremonies, followed by a grueling 14 hour drive through the mountains in the rental truck full of sound equipment. Ben begins his internship with Blackbird Studios in Nashville, his number one choice, in a little over a week.



  Cindy Marsch wrote @

Congratulations to you all!

  susan t wrote @

Karen… I love your caption on the 4th photo– ROFL!! He still looks like a lot of fun… reminds me of my younger brother who lives just south of Nashville.

Congratulations to Ben on graduation & starting his career in Nashville! and to Ben & Julie- what a lovely couple!

  katiekind wrote @

Oooh, I think maybe Chris has recorded there. Said it was amazing! Congratulations to Ben!

  thatmom wrote @

Katie, I know so little about this business other than Ben loves music and loves recording it so much that I need to know more!

  thatmom wrote @

Susan, when I saw that picture of Ben and Julie is reminded me of pictures of both my parents and Clay and me at that age. Somewhere down the road I think that will be a special picture.

I am looking forward to exploring the Nashville area a little more. For such a huge area, it seems pretty down home.

  Jerzy wrote @

Congratulations, Karen, Clay, Ben, and Julie! The next generation gives us hope and this is a shining example!

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