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We have been enjoying the west coast grandchildren and their mom for the past week and are anticipating our son’s arrival to join them this morning so the pile of blog entries piled on my mind’s desk will have to wait a few more days.  We also have podcasts that are recorded and not yet uploaded, the result of Clay’s busy work schedule back to back with his trip to see Ben.  What was that about those lazy days of summer?

While Stacie is here, she volunteered, actually begged me, to let her paint the upstairs hallway and so, naturally, not wanting to offend her, I bought sunshine colored paint and brushes, just for her!  The other side of this wonderful situation is having the grandbabies to fill with popsicles and other assorted treats!

These grandchildren are a scream!  Last night during family Bible reading after supper, Clay asked the children what Adam said after God had created Eve and three year old Dowen replied, in this deep, deep voice, “Hello Baby!”  I think we may be listening to too much Motown at Grandma’s house.

This week I am also preparing a presentation for the evening our Toastmaster’s Club will be instructing the local Friendship Festival Queen candidates in public speaking skills.  My topic is controlling nervousness before and while speaking.  Hope I’m not nervous while presenting!  I am also working on a syllabus for an upcoming speech class I will be teaching this fall for junior and senior high students in our area.  If you are interested and in the area, drop me a note.

I have been coming across some interesting things the past week or so and thought I would pass along the links.  The first is an article by conservative Southern Baptist pastor Wade Burleson regarding the relationship between men and women.  I am still mulling it over and thought others might find his insights intriguing.  The many comments in the discussion are worth reading as well.

My daughter-in-law also shared this interesting video that explains what a trillion dollars in national debt might look like on a map.  Very interesting.

I continue to work on future podcasts and would appreciate your prayers as I prepare the Patriarchy Two series.  And book reviews, oh there are so many books to review!!!  I know what readers homeschooling moms are and want to suggest some titles I am sure aren’t on the selves at the typical homeschooling convention these days.  I also intend to read and review every single title that is popular in our current homeschooling circles.  I think more prayer is needed for that!



  Melanie wrote @

Interesting read on Patriarchy for certain – I agreed with all he wrote up until the “mutual submission” part then it just fell apart as though all our relational strife would be eliminated if we just submitted to one another. It would have been better if he looked at the original relationship between Adam and Eve BEFORE the fall where a complimentary pattern emerges: equal but different, equal as God’s image bearers but different in how God has chosen we reflect his image, including the roles we take in marriage.
I am very interested in your upcoming series on Patriarchy and would love to know a little more of what you think is a biblical pattern for marriage, not just a further analysis of the distortion of patriarchy which you did a fantastic job exploring the first time round.

  Hillary wrote @

I am really looking forward to the Patriarchy Two series! Praying that it will go smoothly and that God would grant you favor in the eyes of those who would come against truth. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might! For He who calls us is faithful.

  Light wrote @

Melanie, I’ve studied Genesis for years, and I don’t see God prescribing husband-over-wife authority in marriage at all. What we see in Genesis is how the Lord made them both in his image, gave them both dominion over the earth and creatures. He created the woman as an “ezer kenegdo.” Ezer is used 22 times in the OT, 21 times referring to God as our ezer. Kenegdo means opposite, facing, equal … your right hand is kenegdo your left, according to ancient Hebrew literature. I do believe God made men and women complimentary, but complimentary does not mean boss/subordinate. Male domination is a result of the fall, a result of sin, it’s not part of the original creation. We should not live under the curse of sin; Jesus has set us free.

I’ve been happily married for over 20 years, and I truly believe it is mutual submission, mutual respect, continual yielding to each other, one-anothering that has blessed us with such happiness.

  shadowspring wrote @

I agree with Light.

Mutual submission actually will solve your relationship problems. How could it not?

I suppose if one partner is bi-polar, or suffers from a personality disorder or some other sort of mental illness then mutual submission would not solve your relationship problems.

But then really it’s a mental health issue, not a relationship problem in that case.

I believe the vast majority, if not all, relationship conflicts will be solved by the love in action that is mutual submission. Caring enough to communicate, listen to one another and adapt our thoughts and behavior to meet one another’s needs- when two people are committed to living in this style how can any conflict remain unresolved?

  thatmom wrote @

Melanie, I did a podcast on a few of the things I believe are crucial to the relationship between a husband and a wife.

I have also talked about the use of the word “role” in regards to relationships several times on this blog but will be expanding on that in the future. As far as submission goes, I think the conservative church, in its desire to remain true to Scripture, has often taken a lovely, simple concept and turned it into something that is ugly and adversarial, not only in the relationship between a husband and a wife but between parents and children and even church leaders and those they are called to shepherd. I discussed this in the podcasts on one anothering:


I believe that the way we obey the great commission of loving God and our neighbor as ourselves is to obey the one anothering commands. More later….

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