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just flew in from the windy city

We just got home from an extended weekend in Chicago, tired but refreshed, laundry and a new batch of granola already started.  We’ve been enjoying grandchildren (and their parents) for the past couple of weeks and, as always, were sad that our too-short visit had to end.

Our Windy City adventure took us, though not all of us at once, to two Cardinal ~ Cubs games at Wriggly Field, the Shedd Aquarium, the Field Museum of Natural History,



the Chicago Art Institute, the Moody Church for Sunday morning worship,


shopping on Michigan Avenue, the Lego store,


the American Girl Place,


the Sears Tower,


and its amazing bubble room,



the John Hancock building, eating Giordano’s Chicago-style Pizza, dinner (and dessert) at the Cheesecake Factory,


and swimming with Grandpa Clay playing sea monster.  A good time was had by all.

As I sat next to my granddaughter in church on Sunday morning listening to a beautiful medley of hymns sung by a lovely soprano voice, I remembered being five myself and cuddling next to my own grandma in church.  How sweet it was to share those moments with a precious little girl, to answer her endless questions, to realize that though decades go past so quickly and we grow and change, the one true God we serve is the same yesterday, today, and forever.



  TulipGirl wrote @

How fun! I hope to visit my folks there, soon, with the two younger boys. (Yes, they enviably live right downtown, beautiful view of the Lake. . .)

  thatmom wrote @

A few years ago Clay and I spent a few days in Chicago celebrating our anniversary. We stayed at The Drake which overlooks the lake and I still remember how beautiful it was at night, looking out our window. The snow was falling and the twinkle lights from Christmas celebrations were still glowing. We pulled our table up to the window and had room service late one night rather than going out….it was magical.

Last summer we drove up Lake Shore Drive from downtown, up to Sheridan Road north to the Highland Park area. It was so beautiful…hadn’t been along there in 35 years.

This trip we took the L several times and walked a lot. So much to see, love it that we are only 3 hours away.

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