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A year or so ago I bought a used copy of this book on bread baking.  Having baked bread regularily for more than 30 years, I was somewhat skeptical as I leafed through the pages, realizing that the method the authors described defied all the rules I had learned to embrace.

Then, a few weeks ago, Katie, a kindred spirit whose blog I love to read, posted a video using these same methods so I pulled my book off the shelf and decided to give it a go.

Today, I am a believer…I baked three of the most delicious and perfect loaves of artisan bread I have ever tasted.  The crusts are crunchy and tasty, the inside is delicious and wonderful without even butter or jam!  I can’t wait to experiment with sandwiches, pizzas, and different recipes to serve with different soups.  Oh, and as as soon as the first batch was done, I whipped up a double batch to store in the fridge for tomorrow and the day after.  One of the book authors says that the dough can keep for 14 days and later loaves are even better, sometimes taking on the quality of sourdough.  I am not kidding, this simple technique has changed my life!  (Did I mention the bread is fat and sugar free and only has 4 ingredients?!)



  Deanne wrote @

I LOVE this Artisan bread..although have yet to buy the cookbook, a friend sent me a website with the basic recipe. I have made the bread for several months… but the biggest hit in my household has been the Pizza Crust recipe I created with it…by far the best pizza crust I have ever made…and I have tried many many recipes!!

  anika wrote @

just back from france after 3 months abroad… and I so want to make this….
I am missing that beautiful, vibrant, crust, and moist, fluffy delicate middle….
oooo, I think i could go back……….
thaanks for sharing!!!!!
missing the delicious….

  thatmom wrote @

Deanne, I just read about making the pizza. Imagine, pizza dough in the fridge to pull out, put on a pan, top and bake whenever they want it! I can’t wait to bake my way through the whole book…the guys will be thrilled!

  thatmom wrote @

aika, welcome back to the US. What an awesome opportunity for your kids!

I know what you mean about missing the breads of Europe. This recipe is exactly like what you would pick up at a corner bakery only BETTER! Let me hear how yours turns out!

  thatmom wrote @

Just wanted to say that I toasted this bread for breakfast and it was fantastic.

Next I will try the recipe that calls for adding whole wheat and rye flours.

  Deanne wrote @

Karen, I would LOVE to have the books Pizza Recipe (to compare to my expirement!LOL)
Did you know that you can buy Artisan flour (King Arthur brand) It is amazing!! Whole wheat worked ok when I tried it, but a bit more dry and flaky. The King Arthur Artisan flour is wonderful–well worth the expense 🙂 I usually mix it w/ WW to make it healthier.

  Deanne wrote @

Thought I would share an article with the Master Recipe for this Artisan bread.
Bon Apetit!

  TulipGirl wrote @

Did you know the authors have a blog with a bunch of hints and tricks? (Found it when looking for a way to make it without buying a baking stone. . .)

This is very inspiring to me. . . Life has been such that we’ve let some of the important things go by the wayside, and I’m ready to change that.

  thatmom wrote @

I am glad to have the links….this bread recipe is amazing and I want to learn more.

I have tried using the basic recipe but adding a little olive oil in shaping the crust for pizza and it was delicious. My only problem at this point is that I really need a pizza peel to transfer the shaped loaves to the stone in the oven.

This week I intend to try the pumpernickel version for BLT’s made with garden fresh tomatoes.

  thatmom wrote @

TG, this WAS an inspiration. My family really loves homemade bread and sometimes it requires more time and energy than I have. This method has proven to be so simple that I don’t feel overwhelmed. And in the summer we tend to like sandwiches so this is a perfect compliment to that.

I also discovered that the basic recipe toasted tastes like English muffins (or crumpets as my mom calls them).

  TulipGirl » Blog Archive » Randomness. . . wrote @

[…] cooking again, even when I have to cook. We’ve been making easy bread this week, thanks to ThatMom’s links to online resources for Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. I have a loaf rising now, and plan on […]

  momgodin wrote @

did I miss something? how long should that little loaf bake? at 350′ ??
I wanna try it!

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