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great thought #57

“I remember reading something a few years ago that really left an impression on my guilt-ridden mother’s soul. In Joel 2:25 God makes this promise: “And I will restore or replace for you the years that the locust has eaten.” When I read that, I thought that the same can apply to the mistakes I have made as a mother, the years I sought after someone else’s ideals for homeschooling, the paradigms I embraced that were based on man’s principles rather than God’s. Then it occurred to me that because of some of my wrong thinking, I was often the locust myself, having eaten away some of the time I had with my children in pursuing anything but a righteous relationship with them! How grateful I am to a gracious and merciful heavenly Father who has restored what I have even torn down with my own hands, whether knowingly or unknowingly!” thatmom as written in another forum



  Savannah wrote @

Very insightful – I’ve had some of the same struggles myself and am so thankful for God’s gracious mercies, that He can restore to our sons where their dad and I were lacking.

  Kathleen wrote @

This is the same for me and my relationship with my children. Oh, how I’d love to go back and do it differently. Thank God for His grace and new beginnings.

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